Saturday, January 10, 2009

Intro and Welcome

I’ll introduce myself first – I’m Tim, and this is a blogging project inspired by a blog I used to write while I was living in Portland, Oregon called Two Sides to the Coin. One of my gaming cohorts Eric and I started that blog (mainly at Eric’s initiative) in part to give ourselves the impetus to play more two-player games – by logging our sessions, we did find that we made more of an effort to ensure the sessions occurred. It’s still being maintained, by the way – although, since I moved back to Texas, Mike has occupied the seat opposite Eric. I had a lot of fun with Two Sides to the Coin – mainly thanks to the pleasure of gaming with Eric and being exposed to a few games I might not have otherwise played – and thought it would be fun to get back to it now that I’ve moved (back) to Dallas, Texas. That called for a new outlet ...

That brings me to this blog – Two Guys Gaming – which we’re kicking off this weekend (posts on our games forthcoming shortly). Myself, and Randy, plan to use this as a place to write about our gaming sessions – primarily two-player games, although we're not limiting ourselves entirely. Our focus is reporting on our sessions of games we play together. This means we won’t be writing, at least most of the time, about games we play with our regular gaming group (although we may occasionally).

The structure is pretty loose at this point – we’re going schedule a gaming session every couple of weeks, likely on the weekend. So far, Saturday’s have worked well, although as I have a young child, scheduling will need to be kept pretty flexible. We’re going to alternate choosing the games we play (I got the first choice, although as you’ll see in the first session report, Randy managed to get some influence in as well). We’re mainly going to focus on shorter games – those that can be played in 3 hours or less are our primary candidates, although with our flexible schedule there may (likely will) be an opportunity for some longer games.

This blog will be the home of our session reports. We're setting the following ground rules:

1. Primarily session reports will be posted. Posts could contain other information such as reviews, comparisons, and whatnot, but the primary focus of every post is a session report.
2. We will both be writing about every session, and we will not be reading the other's entry before posting.
3. Our intent is to have posts up two days following the session being recorded.
4. At least the next upcoming game will be listed so you can plan ahead.
5. If we don't game that week, a post will appear stating such.
6. If we manage to both play in the same game elsewhere, we may post about that within a couple of days of playing.

Our first posts will be up shortly, as we had the inaugural session earlier today.

Welcome – we both hope you enjoy the blog, and we welcome polite commentary! Happy gaming!

Tim Isakson and Randy Shipp


  1. This is mainly a test of the commenting functionality - but I also just wanted to say thanks to Eric for starting this whole thing off with Two Sides to the Coin.

    And even further back, to Dave for inviting me to Blog on the Gathering of Engineers.

    Happy gaming,


  2. Hey! Great to see this! Obviously my idea for a blog wasn't a complete bust :)

    Looking forward to see what direction you guys take the idea. I know it's been fun writing ours.

    I'll certainly be a devoted follower.

  3. Good luck guys. I look forward to your posts.

    - John Boone

  4. Eric,

    Definitely not a bust - I've been following you and mike over on Two Coins since I left, and been hankering for a fix, so here it is. It's also an excuse to get some 2-player gaming in, which never seems to happen without a push - hopefully, this'll be enough of one to keep it going.

    Sadly, Randy doesn't seem to feel the love of Combat Commander (all in all, I don't get why, exactly - despite his frequent attempts as explanation - since he digs on Up Front). Anyway - like he says, hopefully we'll find stuff we both love.

    Thanks for inviting me to Two Coins back in the day - and say howdy to the rest of the Oregon crew for me!


  5. Tim,

    I didn't like it because I didn't feel the games I played had "narratives" that made sense. The "feel" was wrong, in other words. It's fairly simple. :-) Perhaps pop over to Two Sides and read my recent comments on their CC session reports. It's as well articulated there as I can make it.

    That said, I have said I'd play again, in the interest of science. :-)